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Company News

Our engineer flew to the wind power base to offer technical support

Heavy duty hydraulic thread rolling machine TB-70S for VSL Australia

CRRC NPT tube thread rolled by TOBEST

Customer from India

Teaching Malaysian customers how to operate the machine

Heavy duty three roller thread rollling machine TB-80A ,It was bought by well-known domestic company.

18T thread rolling machines shipped to Germany

Australian customer comes to our factory to check and accept the heavy duty thread rolling machine TB-70S.

Batch small cam type thread rolling machine TB-3T exported to Southeast Asia

High-precision thread rolling machine TB-30S exported to Germany

About the machine technology

How to choose a suitable thread rolling machine for rolling high precision work-piece

HSS thread rolling dies with special process for high tensile bolts

Advantages and disadvantages of cold extrusion threads and cutting threads process

Features of TOBEST thread rolling machine

Daily maintenance of thread rolling machine

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