CRRC NPT tube thread rolled by TOBEST

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Author : Mandy Lau
Update time : 2020-03-13 17:32:04
CRRC NPT tube threading
CRRC Corporation Limited is a large-scale central enterprise engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, factory repair, and bus and other peripheral industries of railway locomotives, railway vehicles, EMUs, subways and parts.It is not only the largest rail equipment manufacturer and solution provider in China, but also a global leader.

In March 2018, CRRC established a pneumatic pipe fitting project. After being tested by 38 items, TOBEST became the ONLY thread rolling machine supplier for this project.NPT tubes rolled by TB-60A were supplied to Pneumatic brake pipe system for all trains and subways in China.

We are proud of it and will continue to provide security for our people
s travel safety!

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