Item No.: TB-50ST
two roller high precision thread rolling machine.
TOBEST thread rolling machines specially suitable for: Long length screws, ACME screws, Ball Screws, machine parts, tool and automobile / motorcycle part
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The advantages of our TB-50ST

1.combine dual-row needle bearing and cylindrical roller bearing for machine spindle to ensure the precision and rigidity.
2.for the driving system of spindle,adopt multi-stage grinded gear box to realize stable and convenient speed variation.
3.with sandwich plate value for hydraulic system,the whole machine is more beautiful with less space usage and reliable performance,so both the operation and maintenance can be carried on smoothly.
4.for the control modes,there are manual,semi-auto and automatic modes for your option,besides,the time can be delected by new digital display.

Diameter for the threads rolled φ10-φ55/mm
Range of pitch rolled 0.8-10.0P
Max.length of thread rolled In feed or Thru feed
Spindle speed 10-65rpm (variable speed)
Outside diameter of rolling die φ145-φ235mm
Inside diameter of rolling die(keyway) φ75mm 
Thickness of rolling die
Gear way
Max. 160 mm
Grinding gear box driving
Output(pcs/min) 5-25(pcs/min)
Main power motor 11KW
Hydraulic motor 3.75KW
Max rolling pressure 28T-40T
Supply voltage 380V
Weight(reference) 3700(KG)
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